Davis-Standard’s hand-held operator interface – the DS Tablet – is a convenient option available with the EPIC III™(iFIX) system.
It features:

  • 10.4-inch touch-screen
  • Wireless connection to EPIC
  • Windows embedded software
  • Docking station, USB ports, charger, and solid-state drive
  • Rugged design for industrial environment
  • Operator access functions while in areas not practical for typical OCS locations
  • Concurrent remote viewing of EPIC on office PC with Internet Explorer®

Other advantages of the DS Tablet include:

  • A process control screen similar to the EPIC
  • Temperature screens to change set-point
  • Line control screens to change drive set-points
  • Ability to create, select and view historical trend groups (historical data is stored on the EPIC)
  • Viewing and acknowledgement of new and current alarm settings
  • Print reports at the EPIC
  • Security for engineer, supervisor and pperator groups