CPP: Stand-up Pouches, Candy Twist Wrap, Document Protection

Davis-Standard offers various configurations of extruders, filtration, feed-blocks and single or multi-manifold dies to produce CPP grades of lamination and metallisable cast films.

The resins are processed on Davis-Standard barrier screws, with or without melt pumps, depending on application. A unique tandem extruder configuration is available for the heavy core layer. Three and five-layer co-extrusion configurations are available using a conventional feed-block or multi-manifold die technology.

Typical Specifications

Net Widths 2 to 5.3 meters 6.5 to 17 feet
Thickness 15 to 150 micron .6 to 6 mil
Net Output 500 to 2300 kg/hr 1100 to 5000 lbs/hr
Speeds 150 to 250 mpm 492 to 820 fpm
Winding Diameter 750 to 1200 mm 29.5 to 47.2 inches