Consumer and Medical Packaging

Davis-Standard offers configurations for producing flat cast barrier structures for consumer and medical packaging. Cast film systems are designed based on end use requirements. Advantages include the processing of structures with singular or multiple layers and flexibility to incorporate enhanced barrier properties using nano technology. Our extruders and feedscrew designs offer excellent melt quality and thermal forming pressure stability.

Typical Specifications

Net Widths 2 to 2.7 meters 78.7 to 106.3 inches
Thickness 50 to 300 micron 2 to 12 mil
Net Output 750 to 1600 kg/hr 1653.5 to 3527.4 lbs/hr
Speeds 15 to 150 mpm 49.2 to 492.1 fpm
Winding Diameter 750 to 1200 mm 29.5 to 47.2 inches