Compounding & Reclaim Extruders

Ram Stuffer Extruders

  • Diameters: 3 1/2-inch (90mm), 4 1/2-inch (115mm), 6-inch (150mm), 8-inch (200mm)
  • Designed for reclaiming low bulk density feed stocks
  • Pneumatic ram to stuff material into the screw
  • Extra large feed throat to maximize feeding in low bulk density material


Scrapper® Dual Diameter Extruders

  • Extra large feed throat and feed assist components for added efficiency
  • Widely used ram stuffer and crammer extruders available
  • Models: 350/600 (Process/Feed), 450/800 (Process/Feed), 650/1000 (Process/Feed)
  • Ideal for processing scrap in web form directly from rolls, low or high bulk density material
  • Feed assist component eliminates cost of shredding, grinding, and densification


Hot Melt Extruders

  • A throat opening that is 12 to 14 times the size of standard throat openings
  • Capable of batch, continuous, or rope feeds
  • L/D that is designed for specific applications
  • Vented barrel available to assist with issues related to volatiles


Scrap Reclaim Extruder

  • Diameters: 3 1/2inch (90mm), 4 1/2-inch (115mm), 6-inch (150mm)
  • Gear reducer, feed section, barrel and drive motor are mounted to a rugged base
  • Aggressive feedscrew designs for increased production rates
  • Barrels are bimetallic lined for long wear