Building Wire

With over 250 installed building wire systems worldwide, Davis-Standard is a market leader. Our high output wire and cable extrusion lines are engineered for insulating single cores and jacketing multi-conductor insulated constructions. These lines are capable of extruding PVC from powder or pellets, and can coextrude multi-layer constructions such as nylon over PVC. Our technology also provides continuous operation with packaging of the product in coils, on reels or stem packs.

In addition to supplying fully integrated building wire systems, Davis Standard specializes in the design and manufacture of components required for high-speed extrusion. All Davis Standard wire and cable extrusion equipment can be customized to meet individual processor’s needs.

Typical Building Wire System Components:

  • Wire Drawing - Dual Flyer Pay-Off
  • Input Capstan with Tension Control
  • Preheater
  • Primary Extruder, 6 inch (152mm) 24:1 L/D
  • Secondary Extruder 3 1/2 inch (89mm) 24:1 L/D Horizontal or Vertical
  • Dosing System Volumetric / Gravimetric
  • Quick Color Change System
  • Diameter Measuring Dual Plane
  • Spark Tester, 15KV/30KV
  • Diameter Measuring Dual Plane
  • Multi-Pass or Belt Wrap Capstan (based on conductor size)
  • Take-Up System Dual Reel, NPS System, Barrel Packer, Gantry
  • Control System: EPIC III™

Typical Specifications

Conductor Solid and stranded copper: .456 – 506.7 mm² 22 awg – 1000 mcm
Diameter Over Insulation Up to 33.5mm Up to 1.32 inches
Maximum Line Speed 2590 mpm 8500 fpm