Board Coating & Laminating

Davis Standard’s extrusion coating technology is the gold standard in the board coating business as proven by a long and successful track record of installations worldwide. Our unwind and winder sections are shaftless turret designs. Winders are supplied in the single drum horizontal rail style. For loading and unloading large paper rolls, we can easily integrate existing material handling processes. We also offer superior control systems and feedscrew designs.

To augment these capabilities, our liquid coating product line includes the latest in adhesion enhancing priming, logo printing and web drying. We have relationships with all of the major vendors of flame treaters, making it possible to seamlessly integrate their units into our board extrusion coating and laminating lines. For high-speed lines, ozone can be introduced immediately into the lamination nip. For applications where foil or film substrates are laminated to the board, high speed foil unwinds are capable of splicing 5 to 9 micron (0.002-0.0035 inches) to maintain process speed.

Typical Specifications

Applications Aseptic packaging, paper cup and plate stock, decorative boxes, cigarette boxes, milk and juice cartons, ovenable boards, beer carriers, pet food boxes
Widths 1200 to 3500 mm 48 to 140 inches
Line Speeds 300 to 650 mpm 1000 to 2150 fpm
Tension Range 175 to 1750 n/m 1 to 10 pli
Finished Roll Diameter Up to 3000 mm depending on core size 120 inches, depending on core size
Extruder Output Up to 1000 kg single extruder, up to 2750 kg in co-extrusion arrangement (three extruders)
Up to 200 lbs single extruder, up to 6000 lbs in co-extrusion arrangement (three extruders)
Features Wide range of line equipment solutions to suit customer's requirements and budgets, latest controls systems, full lines and systematic upgrade/retrofits