Automotive Wire

Davis-Standard is a global leader in supplying high-speed automotive wire insulating extrusion lines to produce low-voltage automotive cables for signals, pressure gauges, lights, lighters, alarms and controls. These lines, available from 19 to 24-gauge, are engineered for reliable performance and consistent quality. Both standard thermoplastic materials and cross-linked flame retardant polyethylene (XLPE and HFFR) can be processed utilizing Slant Line CV technology. Automatic color change systems for primary insulation, skin and striping minimize scrap while maximizing production.

Typical Automotive Wire System Components:

  • Dual Flyer Pay-Off
  • Input Capstan with Tension Control
  • Preheater
  • Primary Extruder, 2.5-inch (64mm) 24:1 L/D
  • Secondary Extruder 1.5-inch (38mm) 24:1 L/D Horizontal or Vertical
  • Dosing System Volumetric / Gravimetric
  • Quick Color Change System
  • Diameter Measuring Dual Plane
  • Spark Tester, 15KV
  • Diameter Measuring Dual Plane
  • Multi-Pass or Regular Capstan (based on type of take-up)
  • Take-Up System Dual Reel, NPS System, Barrel Packer
  • Control System: EPIC III™

Typical Specifications

Conductor Flexible copper: 0.22 - 7mm2 Flexible copper: 26 awg - 10 awg
Diameter Over Insulation Up to 5.5mm Up to 0.216 inches
Maximum Line Speed 1500 mpm 5000 fpm