Hose: Automotive

Our elastomer systems and rubber extruders for automotive hose are widely used among Tier 1 customers worldwide. We understand the importance of each component and offer a wide range of Davis-Standard-built and Davis-Standard-specified equipment with experienced partners. This includes laser and x-ray gauge control, pullers, cutters, textile reinforcement, cooling and anti-tack application tanks, adhesion-promoting systems, laser marking and printing.

Examples of our preferred technology in this area include:

  • The DS Model 2000 crosshead – Features a tapered mandrel and highly engineered flow paths to ensure equal flow through all line speed ranges; propriety coating on wetted surfaces to increase wear resistance and provide easier clean-out; thrust bearing on pin adjustment to allow wall thickness adjustment without stopping the line; and hydraulic cylinders for quick and easy removal of the mandrel from the head body.
  • The DSREV rubber extruder – Features our patented pneumatic roll feed system to provide uniform, consistent feed rate; electric heat/water-cooled heating for quicker response time; lower maintenance and smaller machine footprint; rugged Davis-Standard gearboxes; and proven feedscrew designs to maximize output and minimize scorch.

Typical Specifications

Applications Coolant hose, radiator hose, multi-layer THV/elastomer non-permeation fuel hose, A/C hose, turbo charger hose, brake hose
Line Speed Range 1.5 to 30 mpm 5 to 100 fpm
Size Range 6 to 115 mm .250 to 4.5 inches
Materials EPDM, NBR, SBR, FKM, ECO , THV, silicone