Appliance & High Quality Electronics Sheet (HIPS, ABS, Acrylic (PMMA), PC, PETG)

Appliance and high quality electronic sheet applications demand perfection. Davis-Standard has extensive experience in this area. We supply sheet systems that achieve high quality surface finishes and that utilize engineering plastics to deliver required physical property performance. This includes sophisticated controls for bigger and faster sheet lines.

Advantages include on-line low bulk-density scrap reprocessing capabilities, single lane or multi-lane extrusion for optimal cooling performance, and high-speed stacking systems to accommodate maximum available output and cooling.

Typical Specifications

Applications Signage, POS/PPS displays, LCD screen components, lighting and white goods
Line Speed Range 0.5 to 30 mpm 1 to 100 fpm
Size Range 0.25 to 12mm 0.010 to 0.500 inches
Materials  HIPS, ABS, Acrylic (PMMA), PC, PETG