Aerospace Wire

Davis Standard has been an innovator in developing high temperature aerospace wire extrusion systems with the ability to produce lighter and stronger products. Cost cutting solutions have come in the form of weight reduction, smaller diameters and greater flexibility.

Davis Standard offers the option of built-to-order extrusion systems with the performance and dependability of field proven designs.

Typical Aerospace Wire System Components:

  • Single Reel 630mm Shaftless Payoff
  • Low Tension Dancer
  • Preheater
  • Inner Layer Extruder, 1.25-inch (32mm) 24:1 L/D
  • Gravimetric Blender
  • Precision Fixed Center Crosshead
  • Spark Tester, 15KV
  • Skip Detector
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Scrap Capstan
  • Outer Layer Extruder 1.50-inch (38mm) 24:1 L/D
  • Precision Fixed Center Crosshead 
  • Gravimetric Blender
  • Spark Tester, 15KV
  • Cooling System
  • Belt Wrap Capstan
  • Diameter Measuring Dual Plane with flaw Detection and Concentricity
  • Wire Damager
  • Low Tension Vertical Accumulator
  • Dual position 630mm Take-up
  • Control System: EPIC III™

Typical Specifications


10 – 30 AWG, 16 AWG = 19/.287  1.44 mm OD, 26 AWG = 19/.102  0.51 mm OD

Conductor Type

Stranded Copper / Copper Alloys /Silver Alloy / Nickel Alloy

Insulating Materials

38mm Extruder: ETFE/X-ETFE (TAIC Compounded)

32mm Extruder: ETFE/X-ETFE (TAIC Compounded)

1.5-inch Extruder: ETFE/X-ETFE (TAIC Compounded)

1.25-inch Extruder: ETFE/X-ETFE (TAIC Compounded)

Wall Thickness Range 0.076 to 0.30mm
0.67 to 4.4mm
15 - 210 mpm
Outside Diameter Range
Line Speed